HR Storkökskåpa

Kitchen hood for supply and exhaust air. HKR hood ensures a clean, hygienic and comfortable kitchen environment by removing dirt and excessive heat from the kitchen and eliminating grease from exhaust air.

  • Laminated air intake through front panel (optional)
  • High efficiency HFK centrifugal filters
  • Adjustable supply air for working area
  • Air flow measurement and adjusting unit
  • ”Turbo Grip” air intake system
Type HKR – Kitchen hood, 1 module in width
HKR-2 – Kitchen hood, 2 modules in width
Length L 600-2900 (increment 100 mm)
Width B HKR – 900-1800 (increment 100 mm)
HKR-2 – 1800-3600 (increment 100 mm)
Height 400, 550
Material AISI 304, surface finish 2K
LED Lighting LED770 – L=769, 20W
LED1370 – L=1369, 37W
LED1670 – L=1669, 53W
Front panel
SPx0 – only „Turbo Grip” air intake system
SPx1 (1x perforation density)
SPx2 (2x perforation density)
SPx3 (3x perforation density)
SPxK – side perforation